Aurora Motorcycles V8 has more shove than an H2R

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This is the Aurora Motorcycles V8 which MCN believes will be unveiled in Milan next week. The brainchild of Vincent Messina, an engineer based in Australia who is heralding it as the ‘Dawn of the Ultrabike’, the Aurora certainly looks better resolved than many independent efforts. 

The bike is essentially frameless, with the headstock, swingarm, suspension, tank and seat unit bolting directly to a massive V8 block. All the bodywork is carbon fibre, as is the Hossack/Fior-style front suspension unit. There are Brembo monobloc calipers, and switchgear that hints at programmable traction control, two fuel maps and a pitlane limiter, all controllable via the lefthand switchgear and full colour dash.

Messina claims that the ‘clean sheet’ design – which has been penned by a team from Australia, New Zealand and the UK – will deliver a unique proposition, and the biggest power and torque figures of any production bike, including the track-only Kawasaki H2R, while remaining completely street-focussed.

A working prototype of the V8 has already been on the road for three months, and a launch is planned for mid 2016, while there has been no indication of price.

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