New BMW G310 Stunt revealed

Published: 06 October 2015

This is the first official glimpse of a 300cc BMW road bike, ahead of the expected launch of a new roadster at the Milan show in November. The Concept Stunt G310 represents the basis of a new range of 310cc singles which BMW hope will massively boost the German firm’s global sales potential.

The bike was unveiled at the Sao Paulo motorcycle show in Brazil, and gives a clear indication of the importance of this new machine to BMW in emerging markets like South America. This bike has been designed and engineered by BMW, but the production bikes will be built in co-operation with BMW’s Indian industrial partner, TVS.

At the heart of the Stunt G310 is an all-new 310cc single-cylinder, DOHC liquid-cooled four-stroke motor, designed specifically for this bike. The steel-trellis chassis and cast aluminium swingarm are also completely new, and likely to be shared components in what MCN believes will be a family of new 310cc bikes.

MCN managed to snatch a spy shot of an early-stage prototype testing on the road in Germany earlier this year, but the company have been very careful to ensure they weren’t seen again. BMW are officially presenting this bike as a concept bike, but sources have told us it gives a 90% accurate representation of what the new roadster will look like when it’s revealed in full production form.

The garish colour scheme is made up of the classic BMW motorsport colour white, red and blue in combination with the national colours of the Brazilian flag as a nod to where the bike was revealed.

Edgar Heinrich, Head of BMW Motorrad Design said: “The BMW Concept Stunt G310 is a real eye-catcher. Everything on this concept seems to be shouting out to ride it and defy the laws of gravity.”

This bike is clearly missing front and rear lights, but the numberboard gives a clear indication of what it will look like as the lines are very similar to the current F800R and R1200R roadsters.

All-new engine
BMW have plenty of experience with single-cylinder motors in bikes like the old G450 and G650 models. The single has been designed to be as compact as possible and is rotated backwards by 180 degrees to keep the wheelbase short but allow for a longer swingarm and help handling agility.

Stunt seat
This specially-designed aluminium tailpiece has been milled from solid billet and not only looks cool but gives BMW’s stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer somewhere secure to put his foot when doing stand-up wheelies.

Meet the parents
The design of the G310 owes a lot to current roadsters including the F800R and the R1200R but you can also see elements of the Concept Roadster shown in 2014. The design aims to banish the old image of BMW roadsters being boring thanks to the side panels and fuel tank shape aimed at making the bike look dynamic.

Stunt mods
This bike is festooned in stunting add-ons like the rear-mounted stunt pegs, engine crash bars and that massive, radially-mounted rear brake caliper that can be operated using only a middle finger. Don’t expect any of that on the standard bike.

Steel trellis
The budget-conscious design of this bike can be seen in the steel trellis frame, which is far easier to produce than an expensive cast aluminium version.