New Honda CBR500R revealed

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This is the world’s first sight of the updated Honda CBR500R which was unveiled today at the AIM Expo motorcycle show in Orlando, Florida.
The bike gets revised styling for what Honda says is an “edgier look”, it now has adjustable preload for the front suspension, a larger fuel tank, adjustable brake levers, shorter exhaust silencer for a better engine note and a “wave” style ignition key.
The CBR500R is aimed at being a sportier offering in the A2 licence category.
The CBR500R of 2013 was designed to maximise the new 47bhp regs while at the same time being both attractive and affordable. Top speed is limited to 112mph – more than enough for the road – but there’s fun to be had in getting up to speed and the CBR's handling exceeds expectations. It's an engaging, fun, and satisfying bike. 

Upgrades for the 2016 Honda CBR500R include:

- A complete new look based on a design theme of 'Aggressive Speed Shape', whatever the hell that means. Sharp and edgy character lines flow from its new front face - featuring steeply-angled dual LED lights – through to the upswept tail equipped with LED lighting.
- Front suspension upgraded with adjustable pre-load
- Larger fuel tank with new hinged fuel cap (the old one just came off in your hand).
- Adjustable brake levers
- Honda's 'wave' style ignition key
- A new shorter exhaust muffler for enhanced mass centralisation, with internal structure tuned for a satisfying low, crisp exhaust note.
- A range of new colour schemes.

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