Yamaha go electric in Tokyo

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Yamaha have lifted the covers on their latest PES2 and PED2 electric concepts at the Tokyo show, two bikes that could be introduced into the Yamaha line-up in the very near future.

The PES2 and PED2 are designed to feel familiar to those who may not have ridden an electric machine before. They both feature a monocoque design, where the new power unit designed by Yamaha also functions as the frame. The sportier PES2 bike also has an additional motor built into the front wheel, making it a two-wheel-drive motorcycle.

MCN reported on the PES1 and PED1 concepts last month after Yamaha filed new patents on the design details of both bikes, suggesting that they are getting closer to production.

With the firm dropping their EC-03 electric scooter from their range earlier this year, it looks as though they will be looking to fill the gap that it left and it is believed that it will be with these bikes.

Both bikes use DC brushless motors and Lithium-ion batteries, with the PES2 claimed to weigh in at sub 130kg, and the PED2 sub 100kg. 

James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer