A new brand with a new bike

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New American motorcycle manufacturers Vanguard have unveiled their first bike: the Roadster

If you’ve never heard of Vanguard before do not despair as they are brand new offering. Vanguard are a new motorcycle manufacturers based in New York City, who will debut in full at the New York Motorcycle Show that runs from December 9 – 11.


Vanguard will have a three model range, but for now they are only unveiling one model: the Roadster. The Roadster has been designed to have ‘a contemporary silhouette’, which is somewhat at odds with the rather old-fashioned S&S v-twin hanging in the middle.

The Roadster is currently just a prototype but it does run and Vanguard are aiming to have it in production by 2018. It has a few wacky features, the integrated exhaust and massive tablet-esque dashboard being the most obvious but most surprising of all is the price: the Roadster will start at $29,995, which isn’t too bad when you consider how unique it is. Not so sure about that see-through transfer box though…

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