New 1190’s big screen test

Published: 02 March 2016

The 1190 Adventure will be getting a mid-life refresh very soon with a completely revised front fairing.

Despite the strategic smattering of disguise tape, we can see the windscreen – built on this bike from rapid prototyping material – is taller, adjustable and also offers a wider area for improved rider protection. Adjustable screens are fast becoming essential in the adventure market. The mechanism isn’t visible, but it seems likely that it will mirror the one-hand adjustable system from the new Super Duke GT, while there is a chance it could be electronically adjustable. At the moment there is a fairly rough and ready aluminium structure behind the screen to hold it upright and act as the adjustment ratchet.

Underneath the disguise appears to be an all-new headlight but the tape has been placed over all but two tiny cut-outs to keep the actual design a secret for the moment.

Engine work to make this bike Euro4 compliant will almost certainly be done at the same time as this redesign of the front fairing as the bike will have to meet the new regulations to be sold after the start of 2017.

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