World's first 3D printed motorcycle revealed

APWorks, a subsidiary of the enormous Airbus Aerospace company has unveiled the Light Rider, a limited production electric ‘motorcycle’ weighing a feather light 35kg but with a hefty £39,000 price tag.

The frame and swingarm are 3D printed with a powdered metal called Scalmalloy (similar to aircraft grade aluminium) and the bike is powered by a 6kw electric motor. The rest of the bikes running gear is common to bicycles rather than motorcycles.

Unlike the conventional process of frame design and manufacture, where the limitations of a machining process dictates much of the design, 3D printing is free of such constraints and can be designed using ‘bionic algorithms’, this explains the off-the-wall organic appearance.

APWorks say the bike has a top speed of 50mph, accelerates to 30mph in three seconds and travels for 35 miles before needing recharging. APWorks is making 50 Light Riders, a €2000 deposit secures your place in the queue.

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Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

Former MCN Managing Editor (Digital & Events)