MILAN SHOW: Indian Scout Sixty gets A2 licence restrictor kit

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The Indian Scout Sixty can now be made A2 licence compliantthanks to a dealer-fitted restrictor kit.

The restrictor kit will cut power from 78bhp to 47bhp to make it suitable for riders on an A2 licence. Those on an A2 licence are restricted for two years, after which the kit can be removed and the Scout Sixty restored to full power.

The colous for the Scout Sixty colours for 2017 remain the same as this year: Thunder Black, Pearl White and Indian Motorcycle Red.

A restrictor kit for the larger Scout will also be available later in 2017. The Scout will be available in new two-tone colours of Red/Black, Blue/White and White/Red pinstripe as well as Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Burgundy Metallic, Silver Smoke and Ivory Cream

Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer