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Just like the new V-Strom 250, with which it shares an engine and much of its running gear and cycle parts, the new GSX250R delivers styling and proportions that feel instantly ‘right’. But while the styling, paintjobs and even the name are all very GSX-R focused, Suzuki have been careful to make a subtle distinction between this GSX and its more racy cousins.

This is firmly intended as a well-styled everyday commuter bike, rather than a pocket-rocket. Obviously the 24.7bhp on tap isn’t going to be too sporty anyway, but note how high the bars are, and you’ll understand that this is far more GSX-F than GSX-R.


  • GSX-R styling
  • 248cc parallel-twin
  • LCD dash

The facts 

  • 24.7bhp
  • 181kg
  • Seat height 790mm

While that might disappoint some, it will probably endear it further to just as many, and especially town-dwellers who might want the looks, but not the wrist, neck or backache of riding in a crouch.

The rolling mass is pretty light, at 181kg, and the spec is good enough – with Bosch ABS, petal discs, a classy and comprehensive all-LCD white-on-black dash, LED taillight and front running lights, stylish 10-spoke wheels and KYB suspension front and rear.

The only real question mark is the use of IRC tyres, which could be fine – but may also fall short for riders used to more familiar brands. Tyre sizes are 110/80 17 front, 140/55 17 rear though, which gives those who want something better the chance to go shopping.

The quality, fit and finish all look pretty solid, and the colour schemes are remarkably mature in white, black or MotoGP-aping blue. And with a seat height of 790mm, this sporty little offering should be within the leg range of most riders.

Richard Newland

By Richard Newland