Is the Super Soco the future of urban mobility?

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Whether you like it or not, electric bikes are coming, and with the government recently announcing plans to ban sales of new diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2040, they could be here sooner than we think.

At one end of the electric market, you have firms such as Energica, who are building high-end motorcycles capable of putting a grin across any motorcyclists face with their instant delivery of torque. This is great, but an Energica Eva will set you back £28,000. 


At the other end of the market you have UK firm Super Soco, who have their sights set firmly on urban transport and those who just want to get from A to B as cheaply as possible. The Super Soco costs just £2349.

What do you get for such a small outlay?

Let’s get the bad bit out of the way first; the Super Soco isn’t a speed demon. It has a top speed of just 28mph. Not great, but it means it can be ridden from the age of 16 on a CBT, although we’re not sure it carries the same street cred as an Aprilia RS4 50. And, if you’re only ever going to use the Super Soco in the town centre, it shouldn’t really matter all that much.

The 78kg Super Soco is powered by a 1200W motor, which draws its power from a 26Ah battery the company says it’s good for a range of 40 miles. Perfect for a couple of days of commuting to and from work.

Most electric bikes, similar to the Energica, don’t have removable batteries. So when it comes time to add more juice you have to plug the bike in at a charging station or park close to an electrical socket.

The battery on the Super Soco is stored under the tank and is removable, so you can park the bike wherever is convenient and carry the battery inside and charge it. That’s great, but we can’t imagine the battery weighs 12kg, which isn’t exactly light.

Where the Super Soco differs from most electric motorcycles is the motor. Bikes like the Energica have the motor where the engine of a traditional motorcycle would be, with either a chain or belt transferring drive to the rear wheel.

The Soco’s electric motor is fixed onto the rear wheel, much like many electric bicycles. It means there’s no chain maintenance required, but it also means the Super Soco bears quite a resemblance to an electric bicycle.

Other features include keyless ignition, movement sensors, anti-snatch alarm, and three-position adjustable footpegs. The Super Soco is available in black, white, silver, red and orange.

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