Medley maker: Piaggio updates 125 scooter

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There’s a revised Piaggio Medley scooter range on the way for 2020; with a new sporty look and plenty of room for your shopping, too.

The new bike has the latest generation liquid-cooled four-stroke ‘i-get’ 125cc engine and features Start & Stop technology, ABS, a digital dash and improved load capacity.

The bike retains its signature 16″ front wheel, but the rear is now wider and both use new six-spoke aluminium rims.

Passenger comfort is improved by new retractable footboards and the new seat, which has been reshaped. Underneath this, you find a USB port and enough space for two full-face crash helmets (36 litres) thanks to a repositioned fuel tank and new tail shape.

Piaggio Medley 125 side

This repositioning of the fuel tank also improves handling by centralising mass and means you can refuel without dismounting.

The Start & Stop uses a brushless direct-mount electrical unit on the end of the crank in place of a traditional starter motor. As well as allowing the Start & Stop to work, the new unit is also lighter and quieter than a starter motor.

The bike generates 14.75bhp, which is in line with CBT and A1 licence laws and is plenty for nipping around the city on a lightweight scoot (Piaggio say the dry weight is 136kg).

Piaggio Medley 125 rear

The new Medley is priced at £3299, which makes it cheaper than competition from the Yamaha XMAX 125 (£4824) and Honda SH125i (£3359 for the 2019, price yet to be announced for 2020).

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