Breaking: BMW reveal R1250RT with radar cruise control

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BMW have become the second manufacturer to release a model with radar guided cruise control having pulled the wraps off the 2021 R1250RT tourer. The all-conquering tourer also gets a rejuvenated look and technical updates to make sure it stays at the top of the class.

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Ducati took the crown of being the first manufacturer to officially launch radar tech, beating BMW by a matter of days although we are yet to see the new Multistrada V4 in its entirety.

Appearing hot on the heels of the 2021 R1250GS, the RT now also clears Euro5 emissions regs without losing any of its 133bhp power output.

The adaptive cruise control is an extra on the new RT, but the standard bike still gets dynamic cruise that holds your speed, even when you go downhill. The radar-guided option is derived from car tech and developed by Bosch.

2021 BMW R1250RT and rider

The radar can detect vehicles up to 120 metres away and automatically keep pace with them, applying throttle or brakes to modulate speed. Three distance settings can be selected, and the system works all the way from 18mph to 99mph.

It can also automatically reduce speed in corners in line with the bike’s bank angle, and brake and throttle applications are designed to be subtle. Using the throttle or brake disengages the system. Unlike the Ducati system, BMW haven’t elected to add a rear-facing blind spot detector.

Other changes include new LED lights, with an optional cornering light that – like the 2021 R1250GS system – physically swivels the dipped-beam lamp to keep it horizontal even as the bike leans.

2021 BMW R1250RT dash

All the new gadgets are controlled via a new 10.25in TFT screen with integrated navigation and Bluetooth connectivity for media. A new ‘Audio System 2.0’ is optional, as is centrally-locking phone cubby including a built-in wireless charger, USB port and ventilation fan.

Externally, the 2021 RT is picked out by its redesigned, full LED headlights, a reshaped upper fairing and new front mudguard. Four models are offered – a ‘Basic’ white model, ‘Style Elegance’ in metallic brown, ‘Style Sport’ in blue or ‘Option 719’ in metallic white with graphics.

The new R1250RT will be available early 2021 with prices starting at £15,815 for a base model in white with no keyless and no active cruise control.

Active cruise itself costs an extra £500 but is added with Dynamic ESA (£820) and daytime running lights (£105) for a total added cost of £1425. You also get the new adaptive headlight thrown in for no extra cost.

If you want to add the new sound system, that will set you back £1115 while keyless ignition is an extra £295.

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