Honda make the Super Cub C125 even more practical in 2021 update

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The Honda SuperCub has been overhauled for 2021 with tweaks to the engine to meet Euro5 regulations and some other changes to make the model more comfortable.

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The Cub was reintroduced as a 125 after a hiatus from production but over 60 million of the model have been made worldwide, making it one of the highest-selling vehicles in history and instantly recognisable.

Fans of the Cub will be pleased to hear that it keeps the four-speed gearbox and centrifugal clutch that pretty much turns it into a semi-automatic.

2021 Honda Super Cub C125 step through

Interestingly, the new engine is more powerful than the version used in the similarly revamped Monkey model with the Super Cub making 9.6bhp against the Monkey’s 9.2bhp albeit at the expense of torque - 7.67lb.ft for the Cub vs 8.1lb.ft for the Monkey.

There’s also a new generator, meaning more electricity is available for plugging in your bits. The big changes come for passengers, with pillion pad and footpegs now standard, while new fork springs and shocks should improve the ride quality and account for the fact there’s now two of you buzzing around the place.

Prices for the new Super Cub will start from £3499 and they're due to arrive in dealers by August 2021.

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