Updated Suzuki GSX-S1000 gets engine, styling and spec boost for £10,999

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Suzuki have released this revamped version of its GSX-S1000, a naked which is more powerful, stylish and capable than ever before.

The old GSX-S proved popular for many years due to its combination of powerful litre bike motor and modest price tag, but recently rivals had stormed away. To redress that, Suzuki have worked to bring the GSX-S back on to similar terms as the competition by making it into a wallet-friendly monster.

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The superbike-derived 999cc inline four at the GSX-S1000’s heart has been considerably reworked, delivering a modest power increase at the same time as a reduction in emissions. The motor has new intake and exhaust camshafts, with revised profiles to reduce valve overlap, plus a new airbox to reduce intake resistance. The result is peak power rising slightly from 148 to 150bhp along with a much flatter torque curve for a broader spread of oomph throughout the rev range.

Engine performance has climbed to 150bhp

The revised motor is also joined by a new Euro5-friendly exhaust, new clutch and new throttle bodies, which Suzuki say improve response at low openings – a common complaint of the previous model.

To go with the improved engine, Suzuki have also created an improved set of electronic rider aids. Just as Suzuki did with the latest Hayabusa and V-Strom 1050, the new GSX-S gains the 'Suzuki Intelligent Ride System' ('SIRS') albeit not quite to the same extent.

There’s a new ride-by-wire throttle, three riding modes, a five stage traction control (including fully off), quickshifter, autoblipper and new LCD dash. However, Suzuki have stopped short of fitting an IMU, so the traction control and ABS systems are not lean-sensitive.

But the most obvious change to the new GSX-S1000 is its looks thanks to a complete restyle of its bodywork. Gone are the rounded plastics and single headlight of the old in favour of twin, stacked headlights and aggressive angular bodywork complete with MotoGP inspired wings.

There are lots of nice details, too, including a 'camo-inspired design' on the side panels that looks just like carbon fibre at a glance while the lights are now LEDs throughout.

the Suzuki GSX-S1000 features nice details throughout

There’s been a few tweaks to the chassis, too, including a revised riding position with wider, closer bars, new saddle, updated suspension settings and a two-litre larger fuel tank (now 19 litres).

Best of all though, it doesn’t cost much more than the old model, either. The 2021 GSX-S1000 will be priced at £10,999 when it arrives in late June, only £300 more than the old one. After 12 months of queuing outside supermarkets, get ready for some outside Suzuki dealers!

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Suzuki’s revamped high-flying GSX-S1000 naked gets wings

First published on 05 April, 2021 by Jordan Gibbons

A side view of the 2015-on Suzuki GSX-S1000

Suzuki have teased a new GSX-S1000 via their YouTube channel (shown at the bottom of this article) and they’ve given it wings!

The current GSX-S1000 is a little over three years old but that was an update of the 2015 model, so it’s no real surprise to see Suzuki say it’s time for a tweak. We were expecting a Euro 5 engine and a modest makeover, but the fact that Suzuki have added wings suggest a lot more work has gone into this update.

The teaser reveals updated headlights

We expect Suzuki to have given the engine more punch, although it won’t be battling the near 200bhp monsters you can get these days. Instead expect the top end to be about the same but with a decent boost in the midrange; the same trick they’ve pulled with the Hayabusa and V-Strom 1050.


The frame and swingarm are likely to be virtually unchanged, but there should be some big tweaks for the suspension. As well as the new wings, it’s clear from the video the bodywork has been given a thorough going over and there’s also a new headlight to go with it. We’d also imagine there will be a nice new dash, likely similar to the one fitted to the Katana (which is a GSX-S1000 under the skin).

A current GSX-S1000 is £10,699 while the Katana is £11,499, so we’d imagine the new model will sit somewhere in between the two. Suzuki will reveal all on Monday, April 26.

Paired with this new engine is likely to be a new IMU-powered electronics package that will include cornering ABS, lean sensitive traction control, anti-wheelie and cruise control. Expect a quickshifter and autoblipper as well.

Watch the Suzuki GSX-S1000 teaser trailer below

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