Yamaha's MT-07 gets small update for 2021

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No sooner have Triumph released a model to take on the MT-07, than Yamaha have updated the MT-07. The reason why Triumph are taking aim at this bike specifically is its sales figures: Yamaha have sold 250,000 MTs in Europe and half of those are MT-07s.

Someone in Hinckley must have the £££ signs in their eyes. So with a refresh just in time and a 2021 price of £6899, what exactly have Yamaha done?

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For a start the MT-07 has a bold fresh look, centred around the new three-part LED headlight. It’s similar to the MT-09 released last week and early indications are that the looks are proving divisive. The tank too has been reshaped with some little winglets front and rear to make it appear sportier, while Yamaha say they’ve improved the finish generally for a more 'premium' look. 

The engine has been updated for Euro5, which has involved a new 2-1 pipe and ECU but the general architecture of the motor remains the same. That’s not bad thing since the 'crossplane' parallel twin is one of the MT-07s finest attributes.

2021 Yamaha MT-07 dash

There are more tweaks elsewhere too including larger discs up front for better stopping, wider bars for improved handling and new tyres for enhanced grip and feel. There’s also a nice tech touch in the form of a new dash – it’s still LCD but there’s a few spots of colour to liven things up plus a handlebar switch to operate it.

Without the fancy tech appeal of the new Trident, the revised MT might be facing a battle to remain king of the hill but equally, there’s a big fanbase out there for a historically excellent bike that slots into Yamaha’s MT range. It's also around £300 cheaper than the British naked, too. 

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