Aprilia updates RS660, Tuono and unveils all-new scooters

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Aprilia has brought out two new versions of its popular Tuono 660 and RS660 sportsbike, as well as all-new 125 and 200cc scooters.

The Tuono 660 (pictured above) is now available in ‘Factory’ trim, which includes fancier suspension, a 2kg weight saving and a small power boost to 98bhp. It’s also got shorter gearing for more zip on the road, as well as better electronics as standard including an IMU for cornering ABS and ‘bending lights’ to help you see round corners.

Meanwhile there’s a limited edition RS660 that comes with a stars and stripes paintjob to celebrate Aprilia’s success at the MotoAmerica Twins Cup. As well as the yankee doodle paintjob, the 1500 bike limited run also gains a single seat cover, oversized top fairing and the ability to set the quickshifter to run upside down for full GP wannabe mode.

Aprilia RS660 Limited Edition

Aprilia have also revealed its first ‘urban adventure scooter’. Available with both a 200 and 125cc engine, the SR GT’s USP is that it’s got longer travel suspension for increased ground clearance, which makes it ideal for bouncing up curbs and cruising over potholes on busy city streets. The biggest tech addition is really the addition of a ‘Stop & Start’ engine, which is achieved by ridding the bike of a traditional starter motor and opting for a brushless inverted on the end of the crankshaft. Quite nifty really.

Aprilia SR GT 125

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Andy Calton

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