New BMW M1000RR 50 Years M revealed to celebrate half a century of M machinery

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BMW are celebrating 50 years of their motorsport division with a special version of their flagship M1000RR superbike.

Available to order from Saturday May 21 until Wednesday November 30 of this year, the snappily named M1000RR 50 Years M builds on the premium base machine with a new ‘Sao Paulo Yellow’ colour scheme, also available on the BMW M4 car.

BMW M1000RR 50 Years M side-on studio shot

What’s more, it will also feature the optional £4560 Competition Package as standard – meaning a number of goodies including an aluminium swingarm that shaves 220g, plenty of carbon fibre trim, a pillion package and a code to unlock the onboard GPS data module.

If you’re not familiar with the M1000RR, it arrived in September 2020 as the first BMW motorcycle to sport the iconic M badge. It costs £30,160.

However, rather than a showpiece for the discerning superbike collector, it built on the pre-existing S1000RR as the basis for racing machinery – with a stronger more tuneable engine with a 5bhp power increase to 209bhp, winglets, and even tweaked geometry.

BMW M1000RR 50 Years M in paddock where it belongs

You also got manually adjustable Marzocchi suspension like the base model S1000RR and Dunlop SportSmart TT tyres, rather than the semi active set-up found on even the middling-spec £17,450 S1000RR Sport. Anything that didn’t give a racing advantage was thrown away and it’s been the base bike for the factory World Superbike team since 2021.

This same recipe remains for the special edition, which is true to the M Sport philosophy, but is a shame given the milestone it represents and the hefty price tag its likely to command (no exact figure was available at the time of writing).

BMW M1000RR 50 Years M and old BMW race bike

For that price and exclusivity, we’d have expected at least semi-active suspension, which can be found on the rival £34,295 Ducati Panigale V4 SP2, or even just a limited production run.

MCN had an exclusive behind the scenes look at the bike before its reveal and asked BMW’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Dr. Alexander Wehr, about why the 50 Years M doesn’t feature more tech. “It is specifically designed to the World Superbike series and for this purpose,” said Dr Wehr, who’s already bagged his own 50 Years M.

“The colour is a statement,” he continued. “I think this idea of having products that really fit different mindsets and lifestyles is really great. There’s going to be a celebration all-year-long.”

The BMW Motorsport division was founded in 1972 with the 3.0 CSL (pictured below), which went on to make its racing debut the following year.

BMW M1000RR 50 Years M and 3.0 CSL

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