Bullit Bluroc 125 incoming

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The retro-inspired L-plate-friendly Bullit Bluroc 125 hit dealers on Monday, March 9 2020 costing just £1999. It was released alongside a 250cc, V-twin version.

Revealed on the Anglo-Chinese small bike specialists’ social media pages as a GIF image in November, the bike is powered by a 125cc engine, which is an electronically fuel-injected, air-cooled unit, likely to be of Chinese origin. Producing a modest 11.5bhp, this is coupled to a five-speed gearbox. Don’t expect a Bullit Blutoc 125 top speed higher than 100mph.

The bike comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty and features spoked rims and road-biased knobbly tyres, which complement the bike’s scrambler styling.

The Bullit Bluroc 125 specs also include conventional forks up front, alongside a classic twin shock design at the rear. No information is currently available on adjustment, however the front appears to be fixed, while it’s unclear whether the rear offers any form of customisation.

Pulling the bike up to a stop is a single front disc paired with what appears to be a two-piston caliper, alongside a smaller rear disc with what we imagine to be a single pot unit. To help beat stringent safety regulations, these could well be linked, instead of featuring ABS. There’s also a side and centre stand, which will make maintaining the chain drive easier.

Bullit Bluroc 125 side-on view

Styling explored

Up front, the Bluroc makes use of single rounded headlight, which is sheltered by a solitary digital clock unit, mounted in front of the upright handlebars, complete with rounded mirrors.

Coming back from there, in front of the rider sits a large, classic Brit-bike-inspired fuel tank, which meets a padded bench seat, suitable for both a rider and pillion. A chromed grab rail and minimalist rear light complete the look.

MCN will bring you more information about the bike as we get it. Stick around for the full Bullit Bluroc 125 review soon.