Giving A2 riders the Vs: Bullit Bluroc 250 is firm's first V-twin and biggest model to date

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The Bullit Bluroc 250 becomes the largest capacity model in the Belgian firm’s range and is released alongside the 125cc version unveiled in November last year.

Hot on the heels of the Bullit Hero 50 we saw at the start of 2020, Bullit have introduced a 250cc retro machine complete with an air-cooled, 4-stroke, V-twin engine and a top speed of 78mph.

The engine is built by Chinese firm Lifan and unfortunately puts out a meagre 16.7bhp. This is well under the 47bhp threshold for an A2 licence and it’s a shame it’s not a bit more powerful.

With a set of telescopic forks, rear monoshock and five-speed gearbox, the Bluroc weighs in at a spritely 151kg. The new bike is available in British racing green or matte grey and hits dealers on Monday, March 9 costing £3599.

“This year is set to be our biggest yet, with the Hero 50 unveiled recently and now these two new versions of our latest model, the Bluroc 125 and 250,” said Henry Maplethorpe, Bullit UK Brand Manager.

Bullit Bluroc 250 in grey

“These machines tap into the popular retro vibe but are accessible for a far wider audience. This bigger capacity model means we can now cater for even more riders, and strengthens our offering to the UK market.”

Rise of the Retro 250

The market place for retro-inspired, small capacity models is getting to be a busy one with 250cc offerings also available from Lexmoto, Mutt and coming soon from Herald.

The Bullit’s biggest issue, in fact, is that Lexmoto’s Vendetta is identical apart from the paintjob but costs £700 less than the Bullit priced at £2899. And surely no one is going to spend 25% more because they prefer the colour scheme.

Away from the V-twins, both Mutt and Herald opt for single-cylinder engines. Mutt’s 250 offerings include the Sabbath, Mongrel, RS-13, Hilts, Mastiff and GT-SS. All of these are variations on the same machine with different colour options, specs, components and styling that cost between £3700 and £4250.

Herald are soon to release the Brat 250 as a larger capacity version of their Brat 125. These are the first generation of bikes the British firm have styled themselves. The Brat 250 will cost around £3499 when it is released.

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