Cake yourself to work: New Swedish machine is part e-bike, part workbench

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Swedish electric bike brand Cake have launched a new range aimed at professional users called the ‘:work’ series. Starting with their existing platforms, Cake have fitted larger batteries, boosted power and increased cargo carrying capacity to turn them into viable work vehicles.

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The most practical option is the Osa, which comes in a few variants. All the versions of the bike have large carrying racks front and rear, as well as the ability to plug tools directly into the battery.

The outlet is high output, just like a wall socket, so it’s capable of running everything from SDS hammer drills to TIG welders.

Cake :Work series

The two versions most useful here in the UK are the Osa Flex and the Osa+, which are roughly equivalent to a 50cc and 125cc machine respectively.

That means the Flex has a top speed of 28mph with a range of 86 miles around town, while the Osa+ will get to 56mph but range is shortened to 77 miles.

The bikes are designed to be leased with the Flex costing around £113 per month (plus vat) while the Osa+ is £125 (also plus vat).

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