Harley-Davidson announce further model updates for 2019 range

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American cruiser experts Harley-Davidson have unveiled a series of updates to their CVO, trike and touring ranges for 2019, including new colour schemes, audio systems and improved handling packages.

Standing for ‘Custom Vehicle Operations’, next year’s Harley CVO range will consist of the CVO Limited, CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide, with each bike loaded with the brand’s Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine (117 cubic-inches), producing 125ft-lb of torque, as well as a new ‘Boom! Box GTS’ infotainment system.


Coming as standard on all CVO models, the technology combines a wireless headset with a Bluetooth interface, allowing for voice commands and eliminating the need for awkward cabling.

As well as communicating with your bike directly, the headset also offers a range of up to one mile and can communicate with up to eight other compatible headsets. The Limited model comes with two wireless headsets, with the Street and Road Glide only getting one as standard. Both the Limited and Street Guide will also gain a range of speakers, too.

What’s more, to help keep riders safe, the interface will issue alerts to the rider, should it detect a loss of pressure in one or both tyres.

To help keep some originality between each of the models, each of the machines has been treated to a different styling treatment, all just as brash as each other.

The CVO Limited offers a new-for-this-year red banding on the engine rocker boxes and features a ‘Tomahawk’ front 19-inch and rear 18-inch wheel, as well as pegs, the brake pedal cover, muffler end caps, heated grips and rider and passenger foot boards from Harley’s Kahuna collection.

Alongside this, the bike will also be available in three colour schemes, each with their own unique flair and smatterings of chrome.

Away from the Limited, the Street Glide again comes with the red band on engine rocker boxes, alongside a number of neat touches from the Kahuna Collection, however this time finished in red. Once more, there are three colour choices here, with varying degrees of anodising and chrome finishes. 

For 2019, the CVO Road Glide gains that same ‘Blaze’ red rocker box banding, as well as a new ‘Fang front spoiler’ for a dramatic new look, and a Screamin’ Eagle heavy breather intake and the only 21-inch factory-fitted front wheel on any bike in Harley’s touring range. The bike receives an 18-inch rim on the rear.

To help accommodate these attributes, the suspension has been engineered especially to work with the sizing to help with handling and stability.

Once more, there is a host of new striking liveries for the bike, ranging from silvers, to greys, to a rather sinisterly-named ‘Mako Shark Fade.’ 

Trikes and tourers

Alongside the heavily blinged CVOs, Harley-Davidson have also improved their trikes and tourers for 2019, including greater handling packages and the largest displacement of any standard Harley model from the engine.

On trikes, an all-new electronic linked brake system will be introduced, which incorporates such features as ABS and traction control to help inspire greater confidence in a rider. Improved touring suspension technology also gives better ride quality and an easier time of preload adjustment. 

As well as improved handling, certain models will also be powered by the firm’s Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, which stands at 114 cubic inches – offering the most displacement from a factory engine for a standard model. Select tourers and trikes will also benefit from the ‘Boom! Box GTS’ infotainment system, too. 

Have it your way

In order to personalise your bike, Harley are also offering a range of genuine accessories, with the highlights for 2019 including cornering lights and a range of interchangeable trim pieces, known as the Dominion Collection.

The adaptive LED headlamps use patented sensors and electronics integrated within the lamp itself to determine lean angle, before automatically projecting more light towards that side for great visibility at night. 

The Dominion Collection offers a range of premium accessories that allow the rider to replace trim pieces in a range of colours, including gloss black, brushed black, anodised brushed orange and brushed aluminium.

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