Gun manufacturer Kalashnikov unveils two new electric motorcycles

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Russian arms producers Kalashnikov have revealed two new electric motorcycles, with both machines offering rugged all-terrain looks and trail bike inspired characteristics.

Produced by the same firm that brought the world the AK-47 assault rifle, the UM-1 and SM-1 both come complete with knobbly tyres and long-travel suspension, as well as bash plates and smatterings of crash protection, implying they are intended to be used off road.


Although details are scant, the civilian-market-inspired UM-1, or Urban Moto, is said to capable of speeds of up to 100km/h (around 62mph), producing 15kw of power with a range of 150 kilometres. The bike also uses a chain drive and is said to weigh between 165kg and 245kg.

Introducing the SM-1

Even fewer details are available on the militant-looking SM-1, however the firm do claim a top speed of 90km/h, as well as a battery life of 150km.

Using a brushless DC motor with water cooling, there is also a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, hydraulic shock and upside down forks.

Whether they are able to stand the test of time like the world-proof AK remains to be seen though and no details are available as yet of potential production start dates or availability.

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