Mad-looking Lazareth goes on sale for £84k

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This wacky, four-wheeled, leaning quad, powered by a 998cc Yamaha R1 motor, is the LM 410, the latest creation from madcap French custom builder Ludovic Lazareth.

Costing €100,000 (£84,116), the LM 410 is the latest in a long line of extreme machines from Lazareth. A previous model featured a massive 470bhp Maserati V8 car engine and caused a sensation at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Lazareth LM 410 quick facts

  • Tilting 4-wheel mechanism
  • Yamaha R1 powerplant
  • Just 10 to be built
  • €100,000 price tag

With that bike proving impossible to gain approval for road use, Lazareth decided to build this slightly toned-down, R1-powered version with 10 examples being offered to the public.

Lazereth LM 410 headlight

Lazareth said: “The LM 410 uses the visual signature of the LM 847 but is much more conventional. It was designed to be lighter, more manageable and accessible to as many people as possible.”

The notoriously secretive Frenchman is reluctant to provide detailed technical information about the bike but from what we can tell it’s fairly certain that the LM 410 is considerably lighter than the nigh-on 400kg of the Maserati-engine inspiration.

Meanwhile a tilting mechanism, identical to that of the LM 847, allows both wheels of the R1-powered machine to maintain full contact with the ground even when on an incline.

Lazereth LM 410 engine

The only other detail so far divulged by Lazareth is the asking price – €100,000, or about £84,000, for each of the 10 machines he plans to build.

And if that’s not extreme enough for you, how about Lazareth’s other project – the LMV 496, a bike that’s intended, with the help of rotating jet engines, to transform into an aircraft, not that he’s built a completely functioning version just yet!

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