Hubless NAWA Racer electric concept revealed featuring new 'hybrid’ battery tech

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French energy storage company, NAWA Industries, have revealed their latest Racer electric concept to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.

Featuring a hubless rear wheel, lightweight carbon fibre frame and shod with aluminium and copper painted composite panelling, the bike uses a 9kWh lithium-ion battery combined with ultracapacitors to create what they are calling 'a world-first 'hybrid' battery system.'

A technology unseen on mainstream electric production bikes from the likes of Zero or Harley-Davidson, the ultracapacitors sit where a conventional fuel tank would be found, with the motor and battery located lower, where a traditional engine would sit.

NAWA claim the innovative solution gives the Racer more consistent performance per charge, plus a longer range thanks to being able to recover more energy through regenerative braking. Using ultracapacitors lets the machine reuse over 80% of the energy produced while braking, whereas a conventional battery set-up would struggle to absorb such a burst of power directly.

Producing 98.6bhp and capable of a claimed top speed of around 100mph, NAWA’s concept has an impressive weight of just 150kg – around 70kg less than an equivalent Zero SR/F. Weight is kept to a minimum thanks to both the carbon frame and smaller battery.

As a result, NAWA say the Racer can cover more than 90 miles on a mixture of roads, including motorways. This jumps to more than 180 miles around town, however it’s unclear what speed a rider would need to be riding to achieve either distance.

NAWA say they are still years away from completing a full production bike, however are currently displaying a full-size model at the event, hooked-up to a riding simulator. Those attending the show that wish to see the bike can do so on Stand G, Booth 50463.

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