New 2000cc British naked!

Huge-capacity power cruiser comes at a price.

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South West England bike dealer Moto Corsa have announced ambitions to become a low-volume motorcycle manufacturer by this week unveiling their first machine. They plan to produce up to 20 of the exclusive machines, each with a price tag of a cool £40k.

With bespoke styling, high-end running gear and a monstrous 1961cc V-twin motor producing 100bhp and 135ftlb, the Moto Corsa 2K has been designed to fulfil a demand from the well-heeled for expensive, designer motorcycles.

“At times of financial uncertainly there is still a desire for high-quality, bespoke bikes like this,” Moto Corsa’s CEO Dave Martin told MCN this week. “It drives really hard as soon as you open the throttle and sounds great.”


The bike has been developed by T3 Racing’s Tony Scott, who developed the Spirit Moto2 bikes that won races last year in the British Supersport championship.

The bike uses the mighty American-made S&S engine as a base, which is normally seen in outrageous customs and cruisers. The machine uses an external five-speed gearbox.

“This machine is the prototype,” said Scott. “We wanted the bike to be a proper performance machine so it features top-class running gear; carbon Dymags, Öhlins suspension and Beringer brakes. It needs to handle, stop and steer and be a bike that people actually want to ride.

“We’ve seen bikes with this engine before and they haven’t really been to my taste so we wanted the bike to look modern and as desirable as possible.

“All the styling for the machine has been done using CAD for accuracy and then all the plastic parts have been machined from solid blocks. Eventually they will be produced from carbon-fibre so that they are strong and extremely light.

“Building the bike has been an interesting challenge. We had to think about being keeping the fuel tank cool as it sits above effectively two 1000cc engines. We’re using a special reflective coating and also have plans for other air-cooling systems to cope with this.”

The level of fit and finish is impressive; from the way that the bodywork shrouds the massive 66mm throttle body, to the beautifully-produced hand-welded aluminium swingarm which promises to be strong enough to handle twice the torque of a Fireblade. Moto Corsa are ready to take orders and expect to have production versions of the bike ready next year.

Moto Corsa 2k highlights

  • 1961cc S&S V-twin engine
  • 100bhp and 135ftlb
  • Dymags, Öhlins and more
  • Price estimated at £40,000

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