2019 Kawasaki KX450 unveiled

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Kawasaki have released details surrounding the new 2019 Kawasaki KX450 motocross bike, which boasts a more powerful engine and a lighter aluminium chassis than its predecessor.

Aimed squarely at intermediate to advanced-level off-roaders, other features of the bike include an electric start, launch control and Kawasaki’s first hydraulic clutch for a motocross machine.


With a kerb weight of just 110kg, Kawasaki have re-worked the bike’s single-cylinder 449cc engine to produce an extra 3.4bhp in peak power. Meanwhile, a flatter torque curve will also help riders get on the power earlier.

In the event of a spill, a new electric start will also help riders get back up and going quicker, with the hydraulic clutch offering a lighter lever action and less play as it generates heat during use.

A weight-saving frame

As well as working on the bike’s internals, Kawasaki have also gifted the 450 with a lightweight aluminium perimeter frame, which uses the engine as a stressed member and helps improve the bike’s rigidity.

This is then complemented by a new swingarm, which together help increase the traction from the rear wheel – allowing for more drive on corner exit and along straights.  

To help control the bike, the Japanese firm have also worked on the 450’s suspension and brakes, giving the KX new 49mm inverted coil spring forks, the same diameter inner tubes as their factory race bikes and a 270mm front and 250mm rear disc, as well as new front brake master cylinder.

Bodywork changes

Tweaks have been made to the bike’s aesthetics too, with only the front fender and number plate remaining the same as the 2018 machine.

To help with rider movement, the panels have been made longer and smoother, with the petrol tank lowered and flattened – meaning you can sit further forward. The engine covers have also been smoothed.

To ensure the bike is adjusted to exactly how you want it, there is also a choice of four handlebar and two foot peg positions. It is also only available on lime green. 

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