Savic unveil cool new electric Alpha, Delta and Omega

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Australian electric motorbike manufacturers, Savic, have unveiled their latest creation at the Australian motorcycle festival in Wollongong. The C-Series is available in three model variants, the Omega, Delta and Alpha with varying levels of trim, range and performance.

The C-series blends retro features like its brown leather seat and polished ‘tank’ and seat unit with very modern electric componentry.

And there are some classy touches on display with the top two trim levels fitted with twin Brembo brake calipers and all three versions getting an 8″ TFT dash. You also get rider modes, traction control and regenerative braking technology.

The bike uses a simple rolled backbone frame design and a tubular single sided swingarm and the overall finish looks classy, despite the crude front mudguard and headlight unit.

Savic electric motorbike profile

The top spec Alpha version has a range of 124 miles and takes four hours to charge from 20%-80%. Savic claim around 80bhp from the Alpha’s motor and almost 133ftlb of torque, for a 3.5-second 0-62mph time.

The extra battery capacity and power of the Alpha mean a weight of 210kg compared to the 170kg of the A2-compliant Omega, which puts out 33.5bhp and has a range of 75 miles and a two-hour charge time.

The Delta sits between the Alpha and Omega with a 53.6bhp motor, a range of 93 miles, three-hour charge time and a weight of 190kg.

There’s no word yet if the bike will make it to the UK, but in Australia it costs the equivalent of £12,790 for the Alpha, £9059 for the Delta and just £6926 for the Omega, proving that cool electric bikes needn’t cost the earth.

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