Super Soco reveal new electric CPx maxi scooter

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Meet the Super Soco CPx: the new, ‘super-sized’, electric maxi scoot from the UK’s best-selling electric motorcycle brand. Check out our full Super Soco CPx review.

Complete with two seats and optional twin batteries, its performance is claimed to be equivalent to a 125cc petrol machine with a top speed of 56mph. In optional twin battery form, it also has a claimed range of 87 miles. With a 4kW motor producing 171Nm of torque, it’s also the most potent Super Soco yet.

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The CPx was first revealed at Motorcycle Live last year and, the company says, has become its most-enquired about model – joining the firm’s 50cc equivalent CUX scoots and TC, TC Max and TSX motorcycles.

A rear view of the Super Soco CPx

The CPx’s ‘maxi’ credentials are also backed up by larger all-round proportions than previous offerings (the CPx is 2022mm long compared to the CUx’s 1782mm), 16/14in wheels compared to the 12-inchers of before, plus a large twin seat and weather-busting windscreen. 

The CPx also features telescopic forks, monoshock rear, linked disc brakes and, as with previous Super Socos, a phone app connected through its LCD dash offering tracking and diagnostic features. Yet with a seat height of 760mm and all-up weight of just 107kg, Super Soco say the CPx is still manageable and suitable for riders of all statures.

“We’re really excited to finally be launching the CPx,” said Andy Fenwick of Super Soco UK. “Maxi scooters provide a great way to quickly get around town and the CPx provides a nimble, cost-effective solution for those riders looking to socially distance and discover the benefits two wheels offer.”

The CPx can be ridden on UK roads with just a CBT and L plates and will be available in dealers from September. The standard ‘one-battery’ version costs £3599 inclusive of the OLEV plug-in Motorcycle Grant, with the two battery version priced at £4699.

Super Soco expand urban mobility range with CPx scooter and TSX moped

First published on 13 November, 2019 by Ben Clarke

Super Soco CPX

Electric motorbike manufacturer Super Soco have introduced two new models to their range, the 125 scooter equivalent CPx, and the 50cc moped matching TSx.

The CPx is designed with city commuting in mind, with a range of 85 miles and a top speed of 55mph. Two 60V/45Ah batteries work in parallel to power the 4000W, 126ftlb motor but they take 3.5 hours to recharge.

A luggage rack and two-litre storage should mean the CPx is highly practical and there’s also a USB port and reverse button to help move around in tight spaces, although the bike only weighs a spritely 135kg.

Super Soco TSX

The TSx is equivalent to a 50cc bike for young riders and beginners and its 70kg weight and 28mph top speed should make it incredibly easy to handle.

With a range of just 40 miles (80 with an optional second battery) the TSX is only really practical for a short commute to work or college with an overnight charge between (the battery can be removed and charged using a household socket).

The good news is that the new Super Socos are both very cheap, with the CPx costing around £3599 and the TSX £2999. And once you’ve bought one the running costs are very low indeed. There’s no servicing to speak of, and Super Soco have calculated that with the current cost of electricity, 100 miles will cost you just £1.

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