Learner leccy: 50cc-equivalent Super Soco TSx arrives in dealers

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Introducing the Super Soco TSx: A 50cc-equivalent electric motorbike, designed for young riders from 16-years-old, that’s just arrived in dealers. 

Although missing the charming ‘ding’ and blue haze of a dinky 50cc two-stroke engine, the TSx weighs just 70kg, features a 28mph top speed as standard courtesy of its Bosch 1900W motor, which can be boosted to 45mph with dealer authorisation.

“The TSx is the perfect machine for those people looking to make their first step into the world of motorcycling,” Andy Fenwick, from Super Soco UK, said in a statement. 

“Incredibly lightweight and nimble, the bike is ideal for those living and commuting around town and who want to make their journey cheaper, greener and a lot more fun!”

Non-threatening to ride and priced at £2999, expect around 40 miles of range from a single removable battery, which then doubles when equipped with an optional secondary power unit.

The Super Soco TSx finished in red

Each battery can then be recharged in three and a half hours, with their removable nature meaning they can be un-clipped and brought into the office with you, rather than battling over electric vehicle-dedicated parking spaces.

Although a longer process than stopping at the pumps, filling up with electric is also considerably cheaper than a tank of petrol – not to mention the additional cost of oil if your 50cc bike is a two-stroker…

Away from the battery, the Super Soco also features a linked braking system, premium-looking upside-down hydraulic forks, aluminium rims, a digital dash and three colour options. There’s also LED lighting to the rear.

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