Triumph Tiger Sport 660 unveiled: Trident engine used to take on Tracer 7

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In a surprise announcement, Triumph have unveiled their Tiger Sport 660 – a brand-new sports-tourer based on the popular Trident 660 platform.

Just as the Triumph Trident was built to take on the dominance of Yamaha’s MT-07 in the middleweight naked category, so the Tiger Sport 660 is poised to take on the Tracer 7 for the middleweight sports-tourer crown.

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So far Triumph have remained tight-lipped about the new machine but just casting an eye over the barely-disguised prototype reveals an awful lot.

For starters the engine appears visually identical, so we’d expect near identical performance of 80bhp @ 10,250rpm. It’s possible Triumph will have given the innards a little tweak for a retune but it’s just as likely they’ll have left it well alone – if it ain’t broke etc.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 front

Either way we’d expect it to have the gearing changed it give it slightly longer legs in the top ratios. As the engine is the same, so too is the frame, which is no real surprise as Triumph will have designed both of these models (and possibly others) at the same time.

The subframe appears similar but it’s likely been beefed up and lengthened a little to cope better with passengers and luggage.

The biggest change over the Trident is the addition of a fairing and tall screen. The fairing integrates nicely with the existing radiator shrouds and clearly channels the Daytona with the headlights framing a central air-intake.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 with luggage

With a shorter screen it could easily be compared to an Aprilia Tuono 660, which is no bad thing. To match the new fairing is a new tank, which has likely swelled from the Trident’s 14 litres.

The suspension looks to be very similar to what’s fitted to the Trident, although it appears to be slightly longer travel front and rear with a slimmed-down seat profile to keep the seat height sensible.

What’s really nice to see are the posh touches that show Triumph have put some care into the bike, including right-angle tyre valves and blanking covers in the swingarm bobbin threads as well as sticking with Michelin Road 5 tyres.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 on the road

We’re also expecting the Tiger Sport 660 to bring across all the electronics of the Trident including ride-by-wire throttle, riding modes, traction control, ABS and optional smartphone connectivity.

The big question that remains is the price. The Trident currently costs £7395 OTR, which is a hair under £500 more than an MT-07. We think Triumph will want to keep a similar gap to the Tracer, which costs £8202 OTR. That means we’d expect the Tiger Sport 660 to come in around £8795, which also gives it a bit of distance to the Tracer 7GT and their own Tiger 850 Sport.

So far Triumph have remained coy about when the new machine will be released but we’d expect to see the finished machine within the next few months.

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