Over 12,000 bikers get behind 2021 NHS and key worker ride of thanks

MCN reader Dave Colton founded the group
MCN reader Dave Colton founded the group

Over 12,000 motorcyclists have pledged to honour NHS staff and key workers for their vital role during the Coronavirus crisis with a number of simultaneous rides of respect, taking place across the UK next April.

Called the 'NHS ride of thanks', the movement was founded via a Facebook group on Friday, March 27 by 52-year-old MCN reader, Dave Colton, who has since welcomed around 12,670 (at the time of writing) members with the help of friends Andy Ash and Chris Day.

"We do egg runs, we do charity runs, we do all kinds of runs and, as a collective, we [as bikers] tend to use the National Health Service more than other groups of people," Dave told MCN. "I thought: 'why can’t we do a ride of thanks and turn the roads blue?'

"These people have put their life on the line - this time for something we don’t really know about and have worked a ridiculous amount of time to help people."

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Initially anticipating a couple of hundred participants for a single mass ride, the instantaneous explosion of interest has led Dave to divide the UK into segments, all set to host individual events. All of these will then leave at 11am on Sunday, April 11, 2021.

Although still in its infancy, riders from across the UK have already pledged a desire to take part, with smaller rides in Nottinghamshire, Manchester, South Wales and many more already being talked about on the group. 

"No matter where you are, the ride will start then," the Polperro-based motorcycle shop fitter added. "I’ve said let’s keep it uniform and keep it as one ride - but across the country. That way, we can celebrate the local NHS in our area."

Alongside celebrating the hard work these people provide, Harley-riding Dave and his team are also looking to incorporate a charitable element to the mass gathering and have already begun looking at Blood Bikers for a potential partnership.

He continued: "I want people on the streets waving blue and wearing blue. It’s about the country coming together. We’ve decided April next year because we are still not sure about the lockdown. 

"To organise a ride this year would be ridiculous. April next year gives people a chance to settle down again."

MCN will bring you more updates about the ride as become available. In the meantime, if you would like to take part, you can register your interest here.

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