R5K members recall their 2018 highlights

We’ve been saying it for a couple of weeks now, but with the longest, hottest and perhaps greatest of summers now tucked away in the memory banks, R5k members have been recalling their magic moments from a year of incredible riding highs.

And because membership is open to absolutely anyone with a bike and an appetite for the ride, the highlights reel is as diverse and wide-ranging as it is inspirational.

Mike Britt, for example, kept his ambitions for the year clear and succinct: “I’m old and generally slow, so it’s been a lot of work but I’ve finally moved into the inters trackday group.” We also spoke to Mike to find out more about his riding and expectations for 2019, read more here.

R5K Facebook member Mike Britt

Colin Batchelor will remember 2018 for being the year he got back on a bike after another heart operation. “I only rode locally but it’s a start,” he says and is already looking forward to riding more in 2019.

Epic days in the saddle have been a highlight for dozens of members. Heather Sinclair rode home solo from Indonesia on her DZ400 while just last week Daz Nez welcomed winter through the door with a 1066-mile blast into Scotland and home again in under 24 hours.

R5K Daz Nez

“The weather was perfect,” he says, “and the twisty bits were awesome (except for a bit of ice). It was one of my best days of biking and I would never have done this and the other things I’ve done this year like going to Northern Ireland for the day if it wasn’t for meeting up with some great people.”

Then there’s the family thing. “The highlight for me has got to be my trip to Isle of Man for the Southern 100,” says Kristian Cox. “Going over the mountain and desperately trying to keep up with my 73-year-old dad doing 120mph on his Honda VFR800. Big grins!”

R5K member Craig Tyrell

As ever, the sharpest memories will belong those who are new to it all. “I passed my test in August last year,” says Craig Tyrell, “and my wife did the same in February. We spent a few days away in Wales: it was cold and we saw snow but it was amazing being out on two wheels; a dream come true.”

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