#Ride5000miles members finally get on the road with their new machines

John Caisley purchased his Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro before lockdown
John Caisley purchased his Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro before lockdown

With the Government announcing bike dealerships in England could re-open from June 1, members of the #ride5000miles Facebook group wasted no time getting their hands on fresh machinery.

John Caisley, 50, from Worthing put a deposit down on a Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro three days before lockdown and was finally able to collect it last Saturday (June 13).

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Making up for lost time, he now plans to use the bike for commuting duties, as well as a WW2-themed tour across Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia, when travel restrictions allow.

"You look at the Rally Pro and it’s fully specced-up," the medical technician told MCN. "I think it looks great and it feels great. It’s not top heavy and you don’t notice the weight. But it was the engine sound that I fell in love with," he continued.

"My commute is about 20 miles of mixed dual carriageway and town roads, but I’ve just been spying a different route, with smaller roads and a Byway!"

Ross Wolverson and his new Yamaha Tracer 900

He’s not alone, as Ross Wolverson, 25, from Welshpool also treated himself to an upgrade by swapping his Honda CBR500R for a 2016 Yamaha Tracer 900. He said: "I was using the 500 and that took me round Scotland and Ireland, but I couldn’t get enough luggage on it," he explained.

Already using the bike for essential travel, he continued: "I absolutely love the Yamaha and it feels like I’m sat on top of a tank, compared to the low-slung Honda."

Once leisure travel across the UK becomes possible, Ross plans to take the three-cylinder Yamaha either down to Cornwall or up into Scotland.

"I just love the Scottish roads, the mountains, the lakes and the highland cows," he continued. "I’ve never been to Cornwall, but I’ve heard good things about the lovely beaches. It’s meant to have lovely ice cream, too."

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