Ride 5000 miles: The 2019 miles are already flowing

New year, fresh start and for most #ride5000miles members that doesn’t mean hitting the gym or giving up booze, but snapping a pic of the bike’s 2019 start mileage and getting off the mark as quickly as possible.

With the year barely more than a week old you’ve already been piling on the miles, and been rewarded with near-deserted roads, decent grip and decent temperatures. The winter feel good is tangible.

Tony and Penny Collins got out to the coast and had a jolly good time

Tony and Penny Collins (pictured in the selfie above) celebrated the new year with a 200-mile round trip to Hunstanton while Ian Speight and his girlfriend Kim Wilson also enjoyed a seaside blast.

Ian and Kim, R5K members

Ian said: “It was cold but there were loads of parking spaces in Scarborough, funnily enough!”

R5K member Matt Sheen

Matt Sheen managed a 270-mile blast (not bad for January) and Trisha Waugh also braved the elements as she starts a serious bid to crack the 5000-mile barrier in 2019. She said: “The clock is zeroed and thanks to the support of the R5K group and all of the wonderful ideas I am confident I will pile on the miles this year.”

R5K member Trisha Waugh

But it’s Matt Duggan who best sums up the mid-winter spirit of R5k. “Just had my first ride of the year and my first sunset! I managed 51 miles before it got too cold and dark. I only rode on local(ish) roads; Holme Moss, Glossop, Snake Pass and Bradfield. It was so good to be out on the bike.”

And with start mileages duly recorded and the new riding year full of promise and challenging targets, Matt has more words of wisdom. “It’s about getting out and enjoying the riding more than the mileage.”

Agreed Matt, but try telling that to the prolific Gordon Sears, who put in an incredible winter’s-day shift. “The Iron Butt Association IBA UK had their ‘Ride to Eat’ at Squires yesterday,” says Gordon. “I had a little run round and met them, via Taunton and Glasgow, as they were finishing up. Just a sneaky 1003 smiles to finish off the year!”

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Tim Thompson

By Tim Thompson

Head of Content, former Bike magazine Editor, Nurburgring-lover