R5K thrill-seekers explore alternative mileage methods

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To some #ride5000miles members, a new riding season means a chance to push their two-wheeled limits, looking for ever more extreme means of achieving their distance goals.

“I treated myself to a Kawasaki H2 for my 50th birthday back in 2015,” member Owen Lewis told MCN. “And it just seemed a shame not to use it properly.

“So I got in touch with Straightliners and have now done a number of their events at Elvington in Yorkshire. They run on a two-mile long runway. Speeds are measured at the mile mark and my best to date is 205.2mph.”

Away from top speed runs, fellow R5K-er Lucy Biswell, 30, from Stafford, is going to try her hand at flat track in July ahead of competing at Dirtquake, for the second time, in August.

Lucy Biswell at DirtQuake

“I’ve only done it once so far,” she says. “But I just really loved riding on a different surface. Learning a new style of riding was great fun and falling off didn’t put me off in the slightest.

“Dirtquake was great and seeing the many different styles of bikes, from mopeds to choppers going around the track then chatting to new people and seeing celebrities taking part made for a great day.”

Others like to drag their knees on trackdays, with R5K stalwart Gary Swandells having already completed four events this year after a 21-year break.

“I didn’t specifically buy the Honda CBR600RR to do more mileage,” he admits. “But I now want to do as many trackdays as I can, having discovered how good it is!

Gary Sandwells with Leon Haslam

“I did a trackday with Ron Haslam 21 years ago and received a gift from my girlfriend last October to return to the Haslam school again.

“With money in my pocket from selling my MX bike, I made an impulsive purchase when I bought a track bike a week later. Impulsive is often an adjective associated with regret but I think it’s one of the best bike purchases I’ve made!”

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