2019 #ride5000miles starts today!

One of the stand-out aspects of #Ride500miles is the way members have encouraged and inspired each other; not least with some incredible pictures of their riding adventures. When we asked you to show us your favourite pics from 2018 we were overwhelmed by the quality of the response.

Perhaps the most memorable is Sue Kelly-Lavender’s wedding day blast, helmetless and happy, on a Ducati 1098 in Kilmichael Glen. Even on The Big Day, she’s notching up miles like an #R5K pro.

Sue Kelly-Lavender wedding day

Gary Swandells’ joyful selfie, taken on a 2000-mile solo mission to the Alps on his BMW S1000RR, runs it close, though. “I love this pic,” says Gary. “I decided to take a run from Buckingham to the Alps for a bank holiday weekend at the end of the summer.

Unfortunately the opportunity for great action shots is limited when on your own, so this was my knee down improvisation.”

R5K member Gary Sandells

Competition among #R5K snappers to capture the most stirring landscape was predictably high but John Cullen’s shot of his east to west (and back again) ride on Hardknott and Wrynose passes, brings the summer straight back into view. You just want to be there.

R5K member John Cullen

For sheer riding spirit Niall Sims and friends capture perfectly the intoxicating addiction of riding the Isle of Man Mountain Course.

“We had the mountain to ourselves at the Manx GP to the point of annoying the Isle of Man constabulary by going backwards and forwards all evening .” We’ve all been there, Niall, but you got the pic, too.

R5K member Liam Connell

Liam Connell (picture above) experienced the most startling coincidence. “I was talking to some random bloke about his #R5K post on Facebook, then two weeks later I bumped into him at… the Hoover Dam in Nevada. We’d been talking for 10 minutes before I twigged who it was.”

Then, of course there’s family. This is Ian Phillips ‘sharing my passion with my eldest lad… priceless.”

R5K member Ian Phillips

And finally, the mishap. Anyone can fall off a motorcycle but having the composure to grab a shot before rushing to put the embarrassment right is what makes the difference, as Marc Kent proves. His caption: “The GS takes a nap while I look on thinking I’d bitten off more than I could chew.”

R5K member Marc Kent

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