Dedicated R5K members in search of biking nirvana

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Spring is definitely here and summer is just around the corner – and that means longer days, lighter nights and loads of cool places to visit that are coming alive with bike activity. And it’s great to see so many #ride5000miles members posting pics on the group and sharing their riding exploits.

We’re five months into the year and for some the riding season is just getting going but others, who ride year-round, are already through their 5000-mile target.

KTM rider, Willie Richards, who spends most Sundays exploring the Lakes, North Yorkshire and Scotland, has clocked-up 7300 miles since January in the process.

He says: “With friends, who enjoy riding all-year like myself, these trips average 250 miles and on top of these I often – if I get the time – put in a 150-miler on my own just because I love riding the KTM.

Willie Richards

“I’ve got two big trips planned. In June I’m off to the Ardennes and Black Forest with six others. One of our fellow bikers has never been abroad and he’s now 70 so it will be a nine-day adventure. Then, in September, I’m going to the southern Ireland for a week. But I’m planning to go to Croatia next year, possibly alone, as many cannot get time off.”

Gill James lives in Shropshire, close the border with Wales, and also spends every spare moment enjoying pleasure rides on her trusty Honda VFR750.

“I enjoy a blast after work round Shropshire to Craven Arms” she says. “Or a day trip on a weekend over to Wales, taking in Lake Vrynwy and the mountain pass to Bala. It’s not always about the speed, it’s what you see on the way.

Gill James with her Honda VFR750

“I plan my trips as I go, knowing where petrol stations and cafés are is useful but it’s good to seek out the less obvious biker stops as well. This summer I will add big ‘Smiles’ on a tour, I have 15 days and the destination is the Alps. By the end of the year I will have ridden over 20,000 miles.”

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