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MCN’s #ride5000miles Facebook group has been inundated with members completing their 5000-mile target, with more than 200 of you ticking off that achievement in the last month. Members have been making the most of the warm late-summer climate to clock up the miles with rideouts, trips abroad and the odd late-season road trip.

It’s been a brilliant year so for R5K’s members, with many using the 5000-mile target as a way to increase their usual mile count and getting more out of biking as a result. Steven Smyth is typical: “I have now completed 5000 miles on my R1200GS Adventure and my Triumph Thunderbird. The big difference it has made is to get me to achieve some of my bucket list items. The big one was that I managed to get the missus on the back, to do a ride to with me to my mother’s house in Almeria.

“It was a fantastic trip, but tinged with a sad note: my mother passed away on the Tuesday while we were heading home. But she got to see my new Thunderbird, which was the first bike my father had when they met. The trip gave us some great photos and memories.”

And despite the biking season now coming to an end, we’re still getting new MCN readers joining every day – remember the pledge to complete 5000 miles doesn’t have to be in a calendar year, just over 12 months. “I joined in late August, when I got my first big bike – a new Suzuki SV650,” says Leander Norohorner.

R5K member Leander Norohorner

“Since then I’ve almost done 800 miles. I know I am not going to hit the 5K mark till the end of the year but as a new rider it does help me out with tips on maintenance, places to visit and also product reviews.”

“I’ve just joined after it was recommended to me by a biking friend,” says Honda Hornet rider Ian Bartholomew. “And it’s helped me already. I’ve found people to ride with, advice on routes, and seeing posts of people out on their bikes coming up all the time on my news feed has given me inspiration to get out on my bike on the days when I would normally have kept it in the shed. I’ve ridden more and I’m happier as a result. Job done!”

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