How a Yamaha RXS100 restoration project got a couple hooked on biking

Emma Hobson with 'Cindy' the Yamaha RXS100
Emma Hobson with 'Cindy' the Yamaha RXS100

Ride5000miles member Nigel Hobson accidentally inspired his wife Emma to take up motorcycling after purchasing a Yamaha RXS100 project bike to rekindle his own biking youth.

The low-capacity two-stroke Yamaha was Nigel’s first bike when he was 17 and when an F-reg model came up for sale locally for just £600, the Suzuki SV650X rider couldn’t resist.

“Back in the day, I had one friend who had a Honda CG125 and another who had a TZR125. The RXS was much quicker than the CG, but nowhere near as quick as the TZR,” 47-year-old Nigel told MCN.

“The bike was abused and thrashed to within an inch of its life, but it survived. I then sold it for a Ford Escort. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.”

Cindy parked up at the road side

Once home with the new (old) Yamaha, Nigel was immediately met with interest from his neighbours, wife Emma, and 17-year-old son William, who all wanted a go. After a spin, Emma became very attached to the bike, naming it ‘Cindy’ and claiming it as her own.

Immediately hooked, Emma, 42, has since gone on to pass her CBT, join #ride5000miles and take Cindy out on the road for herself, following some tinkering and replacement parts to get the RXS roadworthy.

She explained: “The sheer utter joy that I experienced when getting on the Yamaha and having the first real ride on her gave me a grin from ear-to- ear and I have to admit I even let out a high-pitched squeal, it was that exciting.

“Being part of this amazing biking community is epic. If you are ever unsure of somewhere good to get a cup of tea or decent bacon butty, just ask a biker; they are guaranteed to tell you the best places,” she added.

“So far, we are £900 into this project and it has been money well spent,” Nigel said. “Yes, you can buy a better bike for this money – but this is Cindy we are talking about and a bike is forever, not just for Christmas. Go on, save a bike!”

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