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Is the bike tucked up for winter? Or are you riding less and less as the weather gets colder and nights get shorter? Here's a few ideas to keep you busy over winter and deal with the bike withdrawl symptoms.

There's a great selection of biking movies and books out there, the list below includes just a few highlights but for a bigger selection check out the Book and DVD sections in the MCN Shop.

Whatever aspect of biking you're into, there's something below to keep you occupied this winter. Improve your fast riding technique with well respected theory from Keith Code, follow Ewan & Charlie around the world or kick back with biker classic Easy Rider.

Here's just a few suggestions to keep you entertained this winter:


On Any Sunday (DVD)
On Any Sunday is a documentary following the lives of motorcycle racers and enthusiasts. Made in 1971 and featuring Steve McQueen, it's artistically shot and beautiful to watch. The Director Bruce Brown is a pioneer of the surf film and he brings the same kind of cool sub-culture feel to this documentary. Great for lazy winter viewing.



Hells Angels motorcycle club (book)
Photographer Andrew Shaylor was given unique access to the world of the Hells Angels and this book of over 300 images is the outcome. Flick through for an insight into the people, parties, bikes and clubhouses that make up their unique and controversial sub-culture.



SBK08 (computer game)
This World Superbike racing game is available for most consoles. It has 5 difficulty settings, ranging from an easy arcade mode to a more demanding full on simulation mode, giving you access to telemetric data from your laps and control over bike set-up. All the tracks are there and accurately represented, so you can learn the lines for Brands Hatch from the comfort of your couch this winter.



The World's Fastest Indian (DVD)
Based on the true story of Burt Munro, an eccentric New Zealander who, against all odds, set multiple land speed records at the Bonneville salt flats in the 1950s and '60s. It's a great feel-good movie, funny and touching, with an eye-opening sense of speed from some of the bike scenes.



Rossi: Celebrating The Greatest (book)
This 132 page tribute to Valentino Rossi was written by a selection of the world's best MotoGP journalists and features writing from Valentino himself, as well as amazing never-before-seen images of the Italian legend from his early days popping bicycle wheelies right through to his recent clash with Stoner in the 2008 championship.



The Doctor, The Tornado And The Kentucky Kid (DVD)
Narrated by Ewan McGregor and directed by Mark Neale, this documentary covers the epic MotoGP race weekend back in 2005 when Rossi, Edwards and Hayden clashed in Laguna Seca. As the first MotoGP round held in the US since 1994, it was a massively anticpated race and this DVD gives the riders perspective on things with interviews and voice-over commentary.



Long Way Round (book)
The original and best Ewan & Charley adventure. In 2004 these two set off around the world on two wheels, helping bring bikes into the mainstream with a travel documentary anyone could watch and enjoy. Whether you think they're hardcore overlanders or pampered actors, the trip itself was epic and this book still makes an interesting read.



Easy Rider (DVD)
Probably the most famous biker road movie, but for good reason. Filmed in 1969, two hippy bikers hit the road in search of America. A well-chosen soundtrack, beautiful shots of bikes on wide open highways and thought-provoking dialogue make this a film you can watch again and again.



A Twist Of The Wrist II (book)
In A Twist Of The Wrist II, Keith Code lays down the theory and principles of safe and fast riding in a clear and accessible way. The ideas in this book are relevant for any road rider, whether you're looking to improve safety or chase faster corner speed. It focuses on three key areas- throttle control, rider input and steering- and features useful diagrams to hammer home the science of biking.



Race To Dakar (DVD)
Slightly overlooked because it doesn't have 'Ewan McGregor' on the box (although he does make a small appearance) this documentary following Charley Boorman's foray into the world of the Dakar Rally is an interesting expose on the most dangerous race on earth.


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