Neck warmers tested by high-mileage riding instructors

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An effective neck warmer is essential equipment for cold weather riding. Stay snug this winter with this guide to some of the most comfortable, functional and toasty neck tubes, compiled by MCN's sister title RiDE magazine.

For this test, RiDE enlisted the help of the experienced instructors at Rapid Training. These guys are Police Class One riders and do some serious miles every week for work and pleasure.   

According to RiDE, fit is crucial. You need to make sure that the neck warmer you buy will fit underneath the collar of your jacket while being long enough and thin enough to tuck up inside your helmet. Check to make sure that it doesn't restrict your movement and get in the way of your lifesavers.

Here's some of the neck warmers Rapid Training rated most highly:


Original Buff
Rob Embleton: "I do use one of these most days. It's a handy bit of kit, fitting under the collars of summer and winter jackets and still allowing me to turn my head. So comfortable I often forget I'm wearing it off the bike".



Oxford Comfy
Mark Edwards: "Simple design and comfy fit. I would definitely choose this one. Not such high quality as the Buff, but a better motorcycling product in my opinion. Fit and warmth are good and the material feels pleasant".



Hein Gericke Basic Neck Collar
Graham Allen: "This tube wraps around your neck like a false colalr with a velcro front fastening. Getting the fit just right is the fiddly bit- the velcro can be a bit itchy if not fitted just right. Very warm though when fitted correctly". 



EDZ All-Season Multitube
Andy Morrision: "Probably the nicest tube I've worn, comfortable to the point I didn't feel like I was wearing it. Material feels lovely, fit is very good and it's reasonably warm too".



i-Nek Summer
Tony Gabb: "Very comfortable and surprisingly warm for such relatively thin material. Fit is good and material feels pleasant".


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James Keen

By James Keen