Kit review: RDM Tail Bag

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Product: RDM Tail Bag, £19.99

Tester: Samuel Pinney

Miles covered/time: 4000/six months

What’s good? I bought this tailback because I needed take a lid to someone’s house; at just under twenty quid it cost less than a backpack. It’s big, square and there is enough room in it to hold enough clothes for a weekend at the TT.

It comes with a fistful of bungee cords so you can attach almost anything to the top of it, or the sides. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but unless you plan on riding through a river you should be okay. This is the first bit of luggage you should buy.

What’s not? It grips onto the bike using a Velcro strap and some integral bungee cords. This might not work on every bike. Since it takes up the pillion space you may have to choose between a passenger and luggage.


Rating: 4/5

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Samuel Pinney

By Samuel Pinney