Kit review: Aerostich Courier bag

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Aerostich Courier bag, $87 (£60); organizer pocket, $22 (£15)

Miles covered/time: 4500/five months

What’s good? Having been a courier many years ago, and used to a newspaper delivery bag with a couple of poppers to hold the flap down, this modern courier bag really does it for me.

In typical Aerostich style its quality of manufacture and attention to detail are second to none. It has a large movable pad attached to a very easily adjustable shoulder strap.

Inside the bag is a yellow waterproof liner, two built in pockets, a click on key loop and a Velcro strip to which you can attach an optional Organizer Pocket for your odds and sods.

On the outside there is the signature Aerostich reflective strip with buckles to keep the lid closed. Its capacity is immense, perfect for a pair of waterproof trousers, spare shoes for the office and a packed lunch.

There is also the facility for a stabilizer strap to stop the bag lifting in the wind, but so far I have not had the need. A real quality bit of kit.

What’s not? In a rush to get to work one morning, I turned round quickly in my hallway, taking half the picture frames off the wall and smashing them on the floor. Always remember you need a large turning circle when you’re wearing this.


Rating: 5/5

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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

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