Kit review: Nevr-Dull magic wadding polish

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Nevr-Dull magic wadding polish, £5.99

Time used: Three months

What’s good? Like all the best things, this is brilliantly simple and brilliantly effective. Basically it’s a tin of cotton wadding impregnated with a special solvent-based cleaning solution.

Just rip a bit off and rub away at soiled metal to produce a dazzling shine. It will buff up steel, chrome and a whole list of other metals without scratching, but I used it to clean the skanky old exhaust pipes on my old Bonneville.

They were caked with baked-on oil deposits and carbon/soot, but after a serious application of Nevr-Dull they were literally dazzling.

What’s not? It will clean unbelievable levels of filth from your metal, but you do have to apply some serious elbow grease to achieve gleamingness. Calling it ‘magic’ is stretching things a bit.


Rating: 5/5

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Mark Holmes

By Mark Holmes