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What's good and what's not about hardcore racing aqua blasting?

Time tested: One session

Price: Dependent on items

What’s good? When you’re restoring an old bike, sometimes no amount of elbow grease is going to shift 30 years of grime and decay, and if you’ve got old parts made of soft metals you’re often limited with how harshly you can treat them. Which is why aqua blasting is so good; using a very fine glass medium suspended in high-pressure water vapour,aqua blasting gently strips away grime without removing any of the metal beneath.

These are a selection of various components from my 30-year-old project Yamaha SDR200 and Hardcore Racing were able to transform them from shabby to as- new, in less than a week. Aqua blasting is suitable for components made from aluminium, bronze, titanium, brass and copper, and leaves a satin finish.

What’s not? More expensive than shot blasting, but gives a gentler finish.

Contact: www.motocrossdirect.co.uk

Quality: ★★★★★

Value: ★★★★★ 


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Example of aqua blasting:

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