RiDE review: Sena Prism

Max resolution: 1080p @ 30fps
Weight: 125g
Size: 44mm high, 23mm wide, 63mm deep

What’s in the box? Waterproof housing, plus helmet, surface, suction and bar mounts

Battery: 1100mAh, removable, 2-hour life

Angle of view: 137°

Key features: Bluetooth connection to intercom, time-lapse, wi fi, slow-motion, 120fps (at 480p), lots of bike-specific mounts

Ease of use: Intuitive, good menu display, all controlled by just two buttons

Ease of mounting: Excellent mounting choice

Quality: Sharp, with good colours

Sound: Front microphone needs covering

Best for: General bike use with multitude of bike-specific mounting options. Bluetooth intercom connection is great for adding narration. Water resistant, but comes with fully waterproof case for use in prolonged rain or while diving.

Removable battery good for longer trips. Helmet clip works well on the side of the lid thanks to camera shape. Phone app useful but doesn’t show liveview.

Price: £305


Accessories: 10/10
Features: 8/10
Ease of use: 8/10
Ease of mounting: 9/10 
Quality: 7/10 
Sound: 7/10

Total: 49/60