Product review: Alpine MotoSafe Pro Earplugs

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I tested these Alpine MotoSafe Pro Earplugs (which cost around £22.95) over one month, covering 1500 miles.

These reusable plugs claim to protect your hearing by blocking wind noise while allowing you to hear useful sounds, like voices and sirens.

The Pro pack contains two types of plug each with a different level of filter in it (Tour and Race) with Race having the heaviest attenuation of the two, recommended for motorway and track riding.

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I struggle with disposable foam plugs as I find I cannot hear a word of what people say to me when I have my helmet on. Foam earplugs also hurt my ears after just a few hours.

After trying both the Tour and Race plugs, I found that at first I didn’t think they were as effective as foam plugs as I could still hear the wind, my bike and voices clearly.

However, at the end the day I didn’t have any ringing in my ears or temporary deafness after a long day’s motorway ride. They also left me pain free.

They are costly, but you can buy a single set of Tour or Race for £12.95.

Value: ★★



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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer