Product review: Sidi Vertigo Gortex boots

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Product: Sidi Vertigo Gortex boots
Tester: Samuel Pinney
Cost: £199.99
Still available: No, superseded by Vertigo Gore-tex Mega
Miles covered: 6000
Time owned: One year

Best thing about it: They are completely waterproof, extremely comfortable and well armoured. Even though they aren’t winter boots I wore them all year and combined with a pair of thermal socks they did okay. Not great, but okay. If you can only afford one pair of boots, get these. 
Worst thing about it: The leather or what ever they are made out of has ripped on one of them, on the zip cover. I don’t know how it happened but it’s annoying. Also they aren’t that warm, but I’d still buy another pair of these when my boots finally give up.

Stars (out of 5): ****

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Sam Pinney

By Sam Pinney