Alpinestars Shibuya shoes review

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These shoes are pretty-much for scooter use only, as they don't have a gear change pad on the left foot.

That said, they have one fantastic feature that will suit every rider, no matter what they ride ­- they're tested 100% waterproof.

My riding in these over the last five months has been limited to a few blasts down to the shops, but over the last week I've walked a good 20 miles through snow in them.

Not a drop of moisture has made it through the Gore-Tex leather.

Yes they cost £109.95, and yes they aren't designed to be terribly protective, but for the commuter or scooterist who wants to stay dry AND look decidedly Italian and cool when they hop off the bike, they're a winner.

Visit for further details, and see Bikemart for your nearest dealer.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott