Boot review: Puma 1000

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Best thing about it: When your foot is in it, it’s one of the most comfortable boots I’ve worn. Loads a feel through the sole, very water-resistant for a non-WP boot and all the Puma kit has a certain stylish stigma attached.

Worst thing about it: The ratchet across the back of the boot can sometimes loop over the top of the rear section of the boot, leaving  you with a big flapping panel at the back.

The toe slider is too small and too far forward and the lacing system goes so far down at the back of the boot it’s hard to get them on. But all three of these issues have been resolved with the V2 boot that’s now available so they’re definitely a good buy.

Stars (out of five): **
Product name:
Puma 1000 boots
Cost: £199.99
Still available: Yes, in a Version 2 form.
Miles covered: 2500
Time owned: 18 months

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull